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Batman Begins 1080p Download Torrent

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Batman Begins 1080p Download Torrent

Read more here. The Joker is gone, and Batman's childhood friend James Gordon (now Commissioner) is struggling to keep crime contained without the Dark Knight. But when a mysterious and powerful new criminal known only as Bane emerges, it becomes clear that Gotham needs its hero more than ever. The adventure takes Batman back to his childhood roots as he encounters other familiar faces from the Batman universe, including Catwoman and Alfred Pennyworth. And for the first time ever on home video, this standalone story features Tom Hardy as Bane!

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This week marks one month to go before 2012 comes to an end. For those of you who aren't counting down the days, this means that there's less than a week left until Christmas! And these days, Christmas means more than just holiday treats and parties – it's also about receiving gifts from loved ones around the world.



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